As a human being, it is normal to have breakdowns. Unexpected things happen, we pass our limits, and we are left at a loss of what to do. As the feelings of frustration,⁣ discouragement, and “stuck-ness” arise in those moments, it may be hard to figure out how to release the unwanted energy. Often times, we may find ourselves searching for something to do until the wave of intense feelings pass.⁣

⁣However, we don’t naturally think about what to do next– we just mindlessly end up doing them. This can be a problem because for many of us, it can lead to binge-eating, self-harm, overexercise, alcohol, or drugs– all of which are harmful. Therefore, here’s a list of safe options you can choose from for when those stressful moments arise.⁣ ⁣Remember, how you deal with your emotions can affect other areas of your health too— don’t let your body or your mental health pay the price.

How to Safely Deal with High Distress

  • rip up scratch paper/old unusable books⁣
  • take a mindful, slow walk outside ⁣
  • mold play dough (infused with essential oils for added benefit)
  • throw ice at a wall outside⁣
  • clean something you were meaning to clean⁣

April 15, 2020