The Basics

Most of us already have a good idea of what physical health is.

Physical health is the condition of an individual’s body.

How is it functioning? Are you feeding it adequately? Is it resting enough?

The Part It Plays

We all know that our body has a vital role when it comes to keeping us alive.

Our lungs breathe in oxygen, our heart pumps blood throughout our body, and our stomach digests our food.

Our bodies affect our thoughts.

Our bodies also affect our emotions.

And our bodies also affect our spiritual health.

When we are physically well, we have the energy to engage in the things that give our life meaning. When we are seriously sick, those affairs often come to a halt and can leave us feeling empty and questioning our purpose.

So in order to live a holistically healthy life, it is essential that we do our part to best take care of our bodies.

What I’m Sharing

I had a difficult relationship with my body for most of my life.

I didn’t honor its hunger and fullness cues and used food to deal with my emotions. My food intake was low and I definitely did not drink enough liquids to stay hydrated. I hated exercising and did it only for weight loss. Although I loved sleeping, I didn’t prioritize it when life got busy and went for weeks with packed schedules and no days off. High amounts of caffeine used to be a necessity even though I still felt tired after drinking it.

I struggled to the point where I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. I was anemic, my blood pressure was low, and I had a hard time staying warm and maintaining my balance.

Since then, I’ve come a long way.

I met with doctors and dietitians. As a college student, I chose to take biology classes and health psychology courses. And throughout my treatment, I asked questions and did my research to learn about the small actions I could take to change my daily habits.

My desire is to help you care for your body in simple ways that embrace, nourish, and strengthen your body.

There are so many “health experts” out there who claim diets, weight loss, super foods and supplements, or workout plans will help you change to look like the fitness models we see in movies and the media.

I’m not here for that.

I believe that health doesn’t have a specific look or size and that we don’t need additional expensive food/supplements or heavy exercise to be at our physical best.


So when it comes to my physical health posts, you can expect useful tips and interesting facts to help you be the best, unique version of you.

You can look forward to content including:

March 20, 2020