The Basics

There are many different practices out there when it comes to spirituality and soul-care.

This area of health can be a touchy subject for many people and so let’s keep things simple.

We all have a soul.

It is the non-physical part of us that includes our mind and feelings as well as our will, memories, consciousness and personality.

Some people also believe that we have a spirit within us that’s separate from our soul.

Your spiritual health is the condition of your soul (and if applicable, spirit).

Are you in tune with your inner voice and desires? What drives you? Do you live with purpose? Have you come to terms with why you exist, your role in this world, and what will happen to you when your life ends?

The Part It Plays

We are more than just our body, thoughts, and emotions.

There is something within us that drives us to make decisions, change our mindsets, and choose to control our feelings instead of letting them run wild.

Our soul is the mysterious part of us that is impossible to fully understand.

But it is there.

Our beliefs. Our values. Our consciousness.

The internal connection that pieces together our thoughts, emotions, memories, and logic to create our personality and animate our bodies.

Because our mind and feelings are part of our soul, taking care of those areas is part of our spiritual self-care.

But to leave it as that is not nearly enough.

Our bodies, thoughts, and emotions reflect the condition of our souls.

When trauma or adverse life experiences happen, our souls are wounded and it takes more than changed thoughts and emotional healing to recover.

The memories remain, our bodies respond unconsciously, and we ask why those events had to occur.

In order to find true inner healing, we have to address the complexity within our soul.

And even if we didn’t experience trauma, we all have hardships and none of us are immortal, so we will eventually have to face the uncomfortable topics that many deem to be too philosophical.

So rather than avoiding or pushing soul care away, take the time to go deep.

By taking care of your spiritual health, it’ll bring healing to your body, heart, and mind as your soul thrives and you find the answers you need to live a grounded, confident life in freedom.

What I’m Sharing

I have my own values and beliefs that keep me grounded even during the hardest of times.

However after experiencing many traumatic events, my soul was left hurting and confused, causing me to question my values and beliefs.

It took awhile for me wrestle with and reclaim them as my own because my pain was so great.

My emotions and thoughts were so impacted by my memories that what I used to believe, didn’t make sense anymore and I felt like I had lost my purpose and identity.

However I didn’t want to give up on my beliefs and values because they provided hope.

So although hope seemed impossible at that time, I clung to it and emerged from that challenging season with a greater understanding and appreciation for the simple beliefs and values I held before.

Now I’m not here to make you believe what I believe.

My desire is to help you connect with your soul so that you can identify your beliefs and values, and find clarity, purpose, and true freedom in your life.


In my spiritual health posts, you will find:

  • topics and questions for personal reflection
  • beliefs and values to explore
  • activities to connect with your inner self
  • resources for spiritual growth

March 16, 2020